Back to School!

Recommended School Supplies

journal ~a composition book-styled journal works best; they are more durable than spiral bound notebooks.  Primary ruled notebooks with space for drawing at the top are available at both Wal Mart and Office Depot; I recommend these for all first year students and any older student still practicing proper letter formation.

1 spiral bound sketch book, smaller than 9”x 12” This size is perfect.

2-3 square boxes of tissues

1 box Band-Aids®

*backpack without wheels

Composition books ~ 3 for new students 1-2 for returning students to replace filled books during the year. (Please do not write names on these; we will store them until kids fill books and then pull them out of storage when someone needs a new book.)

Athletic style gym shoes (without cartoon characters if possible)

*Indoor shoes ~ gym shoes may double

folder ~ Any 2 pocket folder, plain or with an image appropriate for school to be used as a communication folder.

*Indoor Shoes:            In our classroom, most of each child’s work is done on the floor.  In order to keep your child, the materials, and our classroom carpet clean, it is essential that each child has a pair of shoes that stay at school and they wear only inside the school.  It is unnecessary for your child to keep multiple pairs of shoes at school; the athletic-style gym shoes necessary for physical education class may serve as your child’s indoor shoes.  If you send a pair of shoes other than gym shoes, please be certain they are appropriate for working on the floor.  Soft-soled casual shoes are best. Slippers, clunky shoes and flip-flop style sandals pose a safety hazard to everyone in our environment, and are not permitted.  If your child cannot tie his own shoes, please do not send lace-up shoes, indoor or otherwise; independence is key in a Montessori environment; having someone else tie your shoes is counterproductive.

*Backpack:          Most of the students share a small locker.  The smallest backpack that will hold all of your child’s things is best.


We’ll be using volunteerspot to schedule volunteer opportunities and more.

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Luna My Cat ~Alex R.

LunaI love Luna my cat. These are the colors on Luna. A peachy color , white and black. We lucked out on her name because she had a big crescent moon on the back of her head. Then it grew and grew and then the big crescent moon turned into a big full moon. That’s how  Luna looks.

Every morning we feed Luna one can of wet food. These are Luna’s favorite flavors of wet food savory salmon and mashed up chicken. We buy the brand Hills. At night we feed her one scoop of dry food. The dry food is also from Hills. That’s what we feed her.

My cat Luna loves toys. These are the toys that we have one of the toys is a green mouse another toy is a blue mouse another toy is a brown mouse the last toy is a wrinkly blanket hat she pounces on a lot. She loves the mice so much that I cant find some of the mice.

My cat Luna loves to sit by the door. On Saturday morning when we where making breakfast we heard a big crash. Roxy was out side next to the compost bin. Roxy was sniffing behind the compost bin. We went out side and we saw a big black and white thing behind the compost bin. We saw a ton of fir on the compost bin. We looked behind the compost bin and there was Luna. We think we know how she got out side. Friday night Mom had the door open and she her eyes closed. We think that’s how Luna snuck out side. that’s how Roxy saved the day.

Star Wars ~Elvis H.

SpecialOpsKneeling  I like Star wars. One thing I like is the clones. Clones are copies of a bounty hunter named Jengo Fett. They were made on the planet of Cumeino. They were made for the Clone wars.

downloadAnother thing I like about Star Wars is the droids. The droids were made on the planet of Geonoses. They were made to fight the clones. There are many kinds of battle droids but I’m only going to tell you my favorite, the Assassin droid. Assassin droids are very strong and can jump very high.

imagesThere are also Jedi in Star Wars. Jedi are people or aliens with light sabers. They can also use the force.

There are also Sith in Star Wars. They are the opposite of Jedi. Jedi are good but Sith are bad. Sith can also shoot lightning from there fingers. Sith have light sabers to.images

The last thing I want to tell you about are the guards. Guards are droids who protect Simages (1)ith. And that’s why I like Star Wars.

STAR WARS!!!!!!!!! ~Shane B.

clonefightI love Star Wars! One thing I like about Star Wars is that there are many different types of clones. One type of clone is a scout trooper.  The scout trooper spies or scouts. Otherwise they go on a mission  and ambush seprotists. Another type of clone is  a bomb trooper. It is equipped with some grenades and a rifle. They are also very useful in wars. A third type of clone is a pilot clone. They drive many different types of ships such as Clone Fighters, Republic gun ships, and cargo ships. They’re mostly useful in space but can also be useful on land.

thAnother thing I like about star wars are the droids. There are many types of droids. My favoret type of droid is a magnogaurd. A magnogaurd is General Greevose’s body guard. You can cut off there head and they won’t die. Magnogaurds are also equipped  with an electro staff and are very useful. Another type of droid is a battle droid. battle droids aren’t smart but are funny. Battle droids are equipped with blasters.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Another type of character are the Jedi. It takes a long time to become a Jedi these are the steps:


How to become a Jedi
1. Padawan
2. Apprentice
3:Jedi Knight
4. Jedi Master

Jedi are equipped with a lite saber and have learned the force. There goal is to protect the Galaxy.

Another type of character in star wars is a rancor. A rancor is a huge monster that smashes everything in it’s path. There are many types of rancor such as the clorancor. The clorancor is a rancor  that can fly. Another type of rancor is the carben rancor the carbenrancor can jump rely high. The last rancor is the sand rancor. The sandrancor is rely big.Rancor

Minecraft ~Ben H.

ores  In Minecraft, there are many kinds of ores. Some of the kinds of ores are coal ore, iron ore, redstone ore, lapis lazuli ore, gold ore, emerald ore, and even diamond ore. Where you find most ores is under ground. You find emerald ore in large hill biomes. You can sometimes find iron and coal in hills to. you break all ores with a pickaxe. Ores are one of the most important things in Minecraft because you can make lots of things out of them.

Crafting is another important thing because crafting helps you make pretty much every thing in Minecraft. Crafting helps you make blocks like wooden planks, glowstone and other things of that nature. Crafting in Minecraft is also important for  things like armor, swords and all that stuff.


One of the things you can craft is armor. There are many kinds of armor in Minecraft like diamond armor, iron armor, gold armor, and leather armor. Diamond armor is the most durable and then iron armor, and then gold armor, and leather armor. But if you enchant  them they get stronger. 

Some of the enchantments for swords are knockback 1-2 and fire aspect 1 -2 and there are many other enchantments. The thing that enchants them is an enchanting table. That’s why I think Minecraft is so awesome!

Parent Education Series

Grace and Courtesy


“Montessori education includes explicit instruction on social behavior in a part of the curriculum called Grace and Courtesy, which are on par with lessons in math, music, and language” (Lillard, 2007, p. 198). These may include lessons on how to say please and thank you, politely interrupting someone, making verbal greetings, or introducing friends and acquaintances.  Through the lessons of Grace and Courtesy, a child is able to develop and refine social skills while building self-esteem and independence.  Montessori stressed the relationship of these exercises to the general happiness and well being of the child.  “A child who becomes a master of his acts through… repeated exercises [of grace and courtesy], and who has been encouraged by the pleasant and interesting activities in which he has been engaged, is a child filled with health and joy and remarkable for his calmness and discipline” (Montessori, 2007, p. 93).  Lillard (2007) further explains the importance of educating the whole child, “the goal of Montessori education in fact, is explicitly stated to be the education of the whole child, not only the intellect” (p. 198-199).  Taken from

Parents can do many things at home to foster independence through Grace and Courtesy.  The best way to do this is to lead by example.  If your child sees you kindly holding the door open for someone else, they will be more likely to do the same.  If your children consistently sees you covering your mouth when you sneeze so will they.  Grace and Courtesy can also be taught at home through let’s pretend scenarios.  First demonstrate the proper behavior, breaking down the lesson into distinct steps. Then give your child opportunities to practice the lesson. Invite siblings and dolls to play along.  Let’s pretend mom is on the phone and you have a question to ask her.  What can you do to interrupt politely?  Act out these scenarios with your child.  They love it!    You will quickly see them creating opportunities to use these newly taught skills.  When  your child uses the skill appropriately be very specific with your praise.  I was so happy that you said “Excuse me Mommy,” when I was on the phone.  Continue these lessons if your child still needs help performing these techniques consistency.  It truly is amazing to see what children can accomplish is we give them the skills and practice time needed to be successful!